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Semester Graduates

Seniors who plan to graduate at semester need to watch for an email from Mrs. Harlen explaining when you need to turn in your chromebook, bag, & charger. There will also be instructions on how to do Google TakeOut. (to save your Drive documents)

HP Chromebook Keyboard Issue Fix

(certain letters/numbers don't work when you press them)
  • Sign out of your account
  • Press the Refresh and Power keys at the same time and release them.
  • The chromebook will restart and the wonky keys should work normally again.
A photo of an HP G6 EE chromebook keyboard with the refresh and power keys circled in red.

Are You Having Trouble Logging Into MathXL?

1) Don't use a bookmark. Instead, search for and go to the mathxlforschool webpage and sign in from there. If that doesn't work...

2) Reset settings on your Chromebook

    • go into Settings
    • scroll all the way down to the bottom of the settings page
    • click Advanced
    • scroll all the way down to the bottom of the settings page again
    • click Reset Settings and click OK
    • close out of all open windows/tabs
    • sign out of the chromebook
    • sign back in to the chromebook
    • try signing into MathXL again

Is Your Chromebook Shutting Down Instead of Sleeping When You Close the Lid?

Is your Chromebook Shutting Down Unexpectedly While You Are Using It?

Picture showing how to click the arrow to go into Bluetooth settings.
  • On the menu, if Bluetooth is enabled, click the small arrow to the right to go into the Bluetooth settings
Picture showing how to toggle off Bluetooth.
  • Click the toggle button to turn Bluetooth off then click the back arrow to go back to the menu
Picture showing Bluetooth is now disabled.
  • On the menu, check to make sure Bluetooth says Disabled
Do not keep any papers, notebooks, or booklets behind or under your chromebook. Do not keep a thick stack of sticky notes on your keyboard.

Quick Links

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