Senior Chromebook Roll-in

Post date: Apr 25, 2018 7:52:57 PM

Senior Chromebook Roll-in is Thursday, May 3 during Homeroom

Seniors will be turning in their chromebooks during homeroom on Thursday, May 3. Only a few seniors will be allowed to keep their devices past May 3.

    • Seniors doing Credit Recovery (required)
    • Seniors taking an AP test (optional)

There are no other exceptions. Seniors will not be taking finals on their chromebooks this year.

Seniors who know they will be gone the morning of May 3 need to turn in their device to the LMC

after school on Wednesday, May 2 or before school on Thursday, May 3.

(Franklin/Carthage tech, band/sporting event, doctor appointment, etc)

Please have your chromebook, charger, and bag with strap clean and ready to turn in on May 3.

For detailed information about senior chromebook roll-in, please click the following link: