Student Tech HelpDesk

Your source for Student 1-to-1 Device Information

The Tech HelpDesk is located in the Library around the corner from the circulation desk.

Feel free to stop by anytime for technology help!

Are you having problems with your student device?

Check out the Student Device - Tips and Troubleshooting

Google Doc for help with the most common device and website issues.

Are You Moving to Another School District or Graduating at Semester?

Please remember to turn in your device, bag, and charger before you leave the school district. Make sure you have the strap and charger in the bag and have removed all personal items from the bag before dropping it off at the Tech HelpDesk located in the Library. If you leave the Webb City R7 School District without returning your school-issued device, we will report it as stolen to the local police department.

AUP and Chromebook Insurance Info for Students

All current WCHS students will be mailed the first page of the Student AUP over the summer. If you did not receive one in the mail, print out the entire first page of the STUDENT ACCEPTABLE USE POLICY & INSURANCE, fill it out, check all the appropriate permission boxes, have both you and a parent/guardian sign it, and bring it and the $15 cash/check to the HelpDesk in the Library. If you don’t have a way to print the AUP at home, copies are available at the Front Office, the Main Office, and in the WCHS Library starting on August 1.

All enrolled students must turn in the current year's signed AUP, even if they do not need a student device that year.

Please make sure:

  • both you and your parent/guardian have signed your AUP.
  • your parent/guardian has given permission for you to use the school's technology. (giving permission includes use of our desktop computers, iPads, tablets, student google account, etc., as well as the student chromebooks and windows laptops.)
  • you have the $15 insurance money with you if you plan to take your chromebook home during the school year. (cash or check only, please)

It takes an average of 2-3 days for a new/returning student to receive a device once the tech office has received the aup/insurance and the student is activated and enrolled in Powerschool.

2018-2019 Student One-to-One Device Orientation Video