Check-In/Check-Out Procedure

Students who opt-out of paying the yearly student device insurance or students who owe money for a device repair are put into check-in/check-out. These students cannot take their device home. They pick up their device from the HelpDesk in the morning and drop it off at the HelpDesk at the end of the school day.

Morning Check-Out:

Morning check out starts at 7:20 a.m.

You are expected to arrive at school in enough time to pick up your chromebook and make it to class before the tardy bell rings. You will not be given a tardy pass in the morning if you are running late. However, if you have a chromebook issue we are discussing before school, I will write you a pass if the bell rings, but any friends waiting on you will not be included. Also, you cannot send a friend to pick up your chromebook for you.

Just tell the person at the window your number.

Your chromebook will have a red sticker on the ID card slot with your check-in/check-out number on it.

    • Please do not peel off or color on the red sticker.
    • If the red dot becomes faded, torn, or comes off, please let us know so we can replace it.

Students arriving later in the day or leaving early:

Please pick up your chromebook when you arrive at school and drop it off before you leave. You are responsible for getting your chromebook turned back in to the HelpDesk each day.

Afternoon Check-In:

You are required to return your chromebook to the HelpDesk by 3:00 p.m. each day.

If you don't return your chromebook at the end of each day, you will receive an office referral for that day. In addition, your chromebook will be disabled until you return it to the HelpDesk.

You need to:

1) Put the strap back inside the pocket.

2) Leave the red dot side unzipped. (the side the charger port is on)

You do not have to wait around for anyone to check in your chromebook. Just stack your chromebook neatly on the counter after you make sure that it's zipped correctly and the strap is inside the pocket.

Can I keep my chromebook for Detention or Tutoring after school?

If you need to have your chromebook for after-school detention or tutoring, please let a HelpDesk staff member know each day you need to keep it so we don't send your name in for an office referral. You must leave your chromebook with the teacher you are with and pick it up from them the next morning. Please understand that your chromebook will not be fully charged for the next day if you choose to keep it after school. However, you can bring your chromebook to the HelpDesk the next morning to be charged, if needed. It usually takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to fully charge.

Why can't I have a charger while I'm in Check-in/Check-out?

Only students who pay their yearly insurance and have take-home privileges are given a charger. Check-in/check-out chromebooks are charged in the HelpDesk each night. As long as you bring your chromebook back zipped correctly and with the strap inside the pouch, your laptop should be fully charged each morning and it should not need to be charged during the day. Students who enter into temporary check-in/check-out are required to turn in their charger until their repair fee is paid in full or until they are released from temporary check-in/check-out.

When can I pay the insurance / repair fee and take my chromebook home?

You can pay for insurance or a repair fee at any time. We will also accept partial payments until it's paid in full. We will take you out of check-in/check-out and give you a charger when you pay your insurance for the current school year, or, if you owe money for a chromebook repair, you will be taken out of check in/check out once the fee is paid in full and your charger will be returned to you at that time.